All products are in alpha release, but we'd greatly appreciate if you want to try it out and share feedback, please reach out to us at with your use case and we'll get the ball rolling.

Edge Agent

  • Provides device controlled own identity
  • Local wallet for identities
  • Simplified library for device identity operations
  • Generate relationship based identities, providing high degree of anonymization esp. for rented devices
  • Create new device identity in seconds
  • High degree of trust in device data with identity signing
  • Provides API endpoints via gRPC (REST support coming soon)
  • Wallet encryption (coming soon)
  • Generate a client in any of the languages listed here

Platform App

  • Your own central hub to manage device identities
  • Local management of all devices, putting control in your hands which device identities gets registered on blockchain and which are not
  • Register with our SSI Service, with simple on-boarding process
  • No need to create and remember Username/password, platform app handles authorization with SSI Service using app's identity
  • Local wallet for platform's identity data
  • Verify, Revoke, Register devices identities right from the desktop app, mobile support coming soon
  • Integration to IIoT Platforms (coming soon)
  • Available for Mac, Linux & Windows (early phase)
  • Identity automation flow for device on boarding, analytical services on device identities and more (comming soon)

SSI Service

  • Integration into multiple blockchain technology, so you can choose on which blockchain to store your device identity
  • If you have existing blockchain network, we can integrate so your device identities live there
  • We're running permissioned Ethereum network for testing, and will provide production network soon
  • If you don't have blockchain infrastructure, you can get started with our production network. But for transparency we encourage and help you to join our production network by running a node
  • High degree of traceability into our processing of customer’s data via simplified UI dashboards, monitoring reports, etc.
  • Blockchain infrastructure to be used only to store public information
  • For non-DLT/blockchain data we're working to provide data closer you for low latency, to meet data privacy policies for your region and more